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"I'm a busy mum of three teenagers and took Rachel on to help me to get fitter and lose a bit of weight. Rachel brings all the equipment you need for a challenging workout. She wrote a different plan every week and I liked the surprise element of never knowing what was coming next. I had a couple of minor injuries during my time with Rachel but she planned my programme around those and I still got a good workout. She gave me lots of good tips about nutrition and has a broad knowledge of the human body. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rachel. I'd lost nearly a stone and felt stronger by the time she'd put me through my paces for a few months." Jenny G, Old Town

"I highly recommend Rachel's classes, whatever your age or ability. I have had back problems for years, then just before Christmas I relocated my pelvis and lower back when I picked something small and light off the floor. After a trip to the osteopath to get it put back in place, Rachel took me under her wing. To start with I had little movement and no strength. But with exercises that she tailored especially for me, gradually she got me up and running again. Rachel also gave me helpful hints for posture, to prevent me hurting myself while gardening. Her dedication has made a world of difference to me and I no longer suffer with my back." Kate T, personal training via Skype

"A friend of mine, a much-respected Sports Therapist, noticed that I was moving awkwardly, and having looked at me, recommended that I take up some sessions with Rachel.  That was two years ago.   I cannot recommend Rachel more highly.  She has strengthened my back muscles which were all but gone, so that I can now turn my back and neck with ease, especially useful for driving, and she works at every session, once a week for an hour, on my whole body, my legs, arms, back and core muscles. She keeps meticulous records of how one does at the various exercises and increases weights or whatever as necessary.  Now my husband has joined these sessions and is also finding them very useful.  Rachel, with her lovely character, makes the exercise sessions enjoyable.  She comes to our home with her own equipment and has always been prompt, cheerful, helpful with all our queries and professional.  Without hesitation I would give Rachel a 5 star recommendation." Erica F, Eastbourne

"I was delighted to find that Rachel, as a personal trainer, specialized in the more mature lady!  My head may still feel that I am 18 but my body clearly isn’t. Such a lovely young woman, very professional and caring.  She has infinite patience and is enthusiastic and talented. She will come to your home, give you goals and really make you want to work. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough.  Since working with her I have more strength and stamina, feel fitter than ever and even have a better shape." Jo J, Eastbourne

"Well what more can I say about Rachel? Well she is so professional but also such a compassionate person who continues to help me through the most difficult time in my life. I feel proud when she tells me I've surpassed my personal best on one challenge then is happy to giggle with me when I can't get my coordination together to complete the next one. I feel physically and mentally better after our weekly sessions so as a sixty year old, can't thank her enough!" Debbie C, Eastbourne

"As a retired lady over 60 I asked Rachel to help me with improving my core strength and general fitness. She is very supportive and adapts her exercises to help with my particular problem of an arthritic knee. I find her professional and her sessions are well planned. We are also able to have a bit of a laugh!" Diana N, Seaford

"Its never too late to make a difference, I was 82years of age when I spotted in a local magazine Rachel's advert for Sunshine Coast Fitness. Her determination has certainly changed my perception of what you can do with the right kind of encouragement. Thank you Rachel for your help, care and positive thinking. I have really enjoyed our time together." Jean P, Eastbourne

"Hello! I'd just like to say what a fantastic trainer Rachel is. She was able to accommodate online (Skype) sessions with me. We agreed goals beforehand (obvious, but useful), and Rachel definitely isn't the type to put her Clients on a 'one crispbread a day' style diet. So, six sessions later, I have made incremental but important changes. I now no longer have sugar in tea or on my breakfast cereal, and I am less likely to eat food with little nutritional value. I can also now chose to walk up escalators, instead of standing on the right, being lazy. She is pleasant to train with, and funny with it." Julia F, personal training via Skype 


"Never one for having time to exercise or the inclination I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy my weekly fitness session with Rachel. With handy tips and advice for midweek exercise or food control and I have benefited from a huge improvement in my fitness, energy levels and additional comfort in the waistband!" Clare P, Eastbourne



"If your interested in revitalising yourself and trying to get the spring back into your step, know matter what your age or physical condition,see Rachel for help. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the end of last summer I wondered what I could do to help myself, that was when I got in touch with Rachael and she has developed a good training programme to help with my condition. She has developed an exercise program that I am able to do whilst away on holiday. I’m very aware how important it is to keep up with the exercise program and i certainly have noticed the difference in my energy levels and fitness. Each session is always enjoyable theres plenty of laughter which helps through the sometimes difficult sessions namely being out of sync !!" Marie C, Eastbourne



"Rachel is great. I'm not one for keeping fit but Rachel has really got me into it. She is very supportive and I have really noticed the difference in my fitness after just six weeks." Gemma N, Old Town, Eastbourne



"have really enjoyed my personal training sessions with Rachel. I have always found it difficult to get motivated about exercise, but Rachel made it really fun and used lots of different techniques that made each session varied and fun! She also gave me some really useful dietary advice and has helped me to curb my sweet tooth a little bit! Rachel is extremely patient, very enthusiastic, reliable and I felt she really cared about helping me to achieve my goals." Ann R, Jevington



"Rachel is a great Personal Trainer, very supportive and encouraging.  She challenges me at every session, but in a way that feels fun and achievable.  I would thoroughly recommend her for anyone who needs motivating or a bit of inspiration with their exercise." Jodi L, Old Town, Eastbourne


"Although I am a regular exerciser, Rachel has managed to provide me with new challenges, different exercises and effective workouts. She took care to understand my goals and has adapted a fitness plan to suit my personal needs. Rachel is a very friendly, patient and motivational trainer and I would recommend her to anyone." Peter L, Old Town, Eastbourne



"As a Personal Trainer I have found Rachel to be very supportive and encouraging and her enthusiasm for what she does best infectious. I am closer to 70 than 60 and planning to walk part of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain later in the year.  Rachel’s training is motivating me to reach a much higher level of overall fitness and stamina, and I have noticed great improvements after just a few sessions with her.   I now overtake people half my age when walking up hills! I would recommend her as a very professional and dedicated Personal Trainer" Gill B, Eastbourne




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