You can be the fit, healthy, energetic and inspiring person that you long to be.

Let me show you how!

If you have found me, then you already have health and fitness aspirations. But something has stopped you reaching your goals.

Do you want help with weight loss? Do you want to ‘tone up’ or gain back the strength, flexibility and fitness that you used to have? 

If you don't know where to start, lack the time to exercise or just lack motivation, you need me as your Personal Trainer! If you’re based in Eastbourne, Polegate, Jevington, East Dean, Friston or Willingdon in East Sussex, I can help you.

As your Personal Trainer in Eastbourne, I will:

  • Help you identify the things that have stopped you reaching your goals in the past.
  • Teach you creative and fun ways to lose weight, get fit and stay fit.
  • Motivate you with small, achievable changes that will make an enormous difference to your success.
  • ​Give you a consistent exercise schedule.
  • Ensure that you are exercising in the safest and most effective way.
  • Help you work around existing health conditions, with your Doctor or health professional if required.
  • Offer you non-judgemental lifestyle and nutritional advice to help you lose weight.
  • Help you avoid common myths about fitness and nutrition.
  • Give you direction and objective feedback.
  • Monitor your progress to ensure you reach your goals.
  • Provide all of the equipment that we may need.
  • Share my knowledge and experience as a Personal Trainer.
  • Support you every step of the way.​​​

I offer a variety of personal training services to help you with weight loss and fitness, as well as personalised exercise programme writing and workout plans for you to carry out yourself. I also offer exercise classes for older adults and much more.

Please contact me if you have any questions, I’d be delighted to help you! Please note I only travel to Eastbourne Polegate, Jevington, East Dean, Friston and Willingdon in East Sussex, but I do offer online personal training for those further away.

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Why Have a Personal Trainer?

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